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How to drive on single track roads transcript

How to drive on single track roads, and still enjoy the scenery.

Passing places are marked by black and white posts, or signs saying "Passing Place".

Passing places are easy to use, if you follow the rules. Always keep LEFT.

If the passing place is on your right, wait opposite keeping to the left.

Allow cars behind you to overtake. Please let vehicles pass. Allowing cars to pass maintains traffic flow, avoids convoys and makes everyone happier.

Drive at a speed which makes you feel comfortable, but please let others pass.

Please understand that the person behind you may be travelling to a hospital appointment or a ferry or attending to someone in need.

Do not park in passing places. There are places to safely stop and enjoy the view, they aren't always obvious but they are there.

Be prepared to reverse. If you are the nearest to the passing place, please reverse. Please don't force your way through or force others to go off the road.

Happy motoring.


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