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Bruichladdich Distillery - Tour to the Isle of Islay

Bruichladdich Distillery

About this tour

'The Queen of the Hebrides', Islay is known for its mild climate and rich peaty soil making it ideal for recreating whisky. It's home to no fewer than eight distilleries.

Bruichladdich is a distillery on the Rhinns of the Isle of Islay. The distillery produces mainly single malt Scotch whisky but also offers artisanal gin. The distillery was founded in 1881 and after a somewhat turbulent past the whole distillery was dismantled and reassembled between January and May 2001 with the original Victorian décor and equipment being retained. No computers are used in production with all processes controlled by a pool of skilled artisans who pass on information orally and largely measure progress using dipsticks and simple flotation devices.

All the distillery's whiskies are sold as single malts, with those designated Bruichladdich being unpeated, those designated Port Charlotte being heavily peated and those designated Octomore being super-heavily peated. Octomore is considered to be 'the most heavily peated single malt whisky in the world'. The distillery's commitment to Islay has resulted in the creation of an island-based management and administrative system, including the construction of the island's only commercially scaled bottling hall. The company is the largest private employer on Islay with around sixty jobs on the island.

For coach/tour operators based in Oban, Inveraray and Tarbert 

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The 2019 promotional rate for each passenger, including all ferry fares, a tour of the Distillery and entrance to the Visitor Centre and afternoon tea on the boat back to Kennacraig is £39.75 per head


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