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Largs Harbour, 
North Ayrshire
KA30 8BG



 Largs Harbour Information

CoordinatesPosition: 55.875816 N, -4.891239 W
YachtsYachts can berth at Largs on the West & South Outer Faces, as well as in the inner Harbour.
Cruise ShipsLargs can accomodate cruise vessels as large as 72m, with a draught of 3m on the West Outer Face of the Pier. The pier is ISPS compliant pending 24 hours notice of intention to berth. Vessels must also provide their own safe means of access.
Cruise Ship TendersThere are stairwells on 3 of the berths at Largs; South and both faces of the inner harbour; suitable for cruise tenders to berth.
Commercial VesselsA number of commercial vessels berth at Largs on a regular basis, with a length of up to 73m draught of 3m. Berths are allocated on a first-come-first serve basis through the local Harbour Manager. Larger vessels must provide their own safe means of access.
Fishing VesselsLargs is used regularly by small fishing vessels to re-fuel and land catch. Fishing vessels can use the stairwells on the South Outer Berth and both sets within the inner harbour.
About the local harbourThe Harbour is located within the heart of the town & an attraction to many tourists enjoying the surrounding scenery or using the regular CalMac service to travel to the Isle of Cumbrae. The harbour is also used recreationally and commercially and is a regular stop for the famous Paddle Steamer Waverley.
Pilotage guidanceNo pilotage is offered. Standing NTMs can be found at 
Ferry MovementsOperating from the Slipway is the CFL service to the Isle of Cumbrae which operates at a frequency of 30 minutes between departures on a 10 minute crossing.
AnchorageThere are no anchorages within the Largs Statutory Harbour Area.
MooringsThere are no moorings operated by CFL within the Harbour Area.
PontoonsCFL do not operate any pontoons within the Harbour Area.

Harbour Manager & DPFSO
Stewart Wohlgemuth
07525 289 081
The Ferry Terminal, Largs, KA30 8BG

FacilitiesWaste - Yes
Electricity - Yes
Showers - No
Water - Yes
Fuel - No

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