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Stag Bakeries

Stag's baking heritage on the beautifully unspoilt Outer Hebridean island of Lewis stretches back to 1885 and although our bakery is now modern, many things have not changed since those early days.

Artisan baking from the Scottish Islands

Stag Bakery, Isle of Lewis

Hand-baked bread sticks and ham

Artisan baking from the Scottish Islands

Our bakery has served its hometown of Stornoway for generations and still runs a mobile shop for residents and visitors to the island of Lewis.

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Stag Bakeries produce can be found on our Outer Hebridean routes 

About Stag Bakers

Based in Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides, family run, craft bakers - Stag Bakeries - has been a constant presence in the community for over 130 years. Stag Bakeries began producing bread roles and biscuits for their local community in 1885, and now this team of 60 is producing an expanding range of award winning produce.

At the heart of their success is staying faithful to their time honoured recipes and methods passed down through the generations, but balancing this with innovations and new twists.

For instance, six years ago they introduced seaweed to their water biscuit and oatcake recipes - later winning awards and national recognition. As Daniel Smith, Sales and Marketing Manager explained: "Tastes are changing. When the founders began the company, the range was much smaller, and we've added a lot to that to stay competitive. However, the exciting part is that our expanded range reflects our sense of place, and we've simultaneously kept our core." What would the founders think about today's operation? Daniel explained: "I think they would be pleased with our balance between progress and tradition."

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