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Caledonian MacBrayne will consider sponsorship applications for events or festivals that: 

  • increases footfall to the Caledonian MacBrayne network, with a preference to sponsoring events occurring in shoulder season (September to April); 

  • benefits local suppliers, businesses and vendors; 

  • attracts a spike in visitors to communities where we operate; 

  • will work to become self-sustaining; 

  • make a commitment to measuring economic impact; and 

  • make a commitment to protecting and enhancing the local environment through reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimising waste or protecting bio diversity. Examples can be found here.

Our sponsorship team meet monthly. You must submit your application at least eight weeks in advance of your event. We receive many requests and with our responsibility and commitment to ensure appropriate use of public funding, we are unable to sponsor all the events or festivals we receive requests for.

If your events purpose if to tackle social issues and generate opportunities for people in your communities, the CalMac Community Fund exists to generate social value to the communities, islands and ports where we operate. More information can be found here.

List for Criteria

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