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Useful Information

Useful Information

Check out these useful Information tips to assist our travel trade customers while travelling with us.


Summer Bookings

Should you wish to pre-register your groups for the following season, please email us and we will send you the appropriate form and we will place your request on file. Once the timetable opens, we will be in touch, this is generally a few weeks after the bookings open due to the large volume and small team.

E-mail Travel Trade for more information.


Changes in Winter

Due to the vessel overhauls and changes within the network to accommodate this, the Skye service cannot carry coaches during the winter timetable. The vessel used can only carry a few cars so the coaches during the winter must travel via the bridge.


Conditions of carriage

Please note the precise dates on which tickets are valid. Restrictions may apply. Customers should note, however, that other Service Providers operate certain routes. The routes and other Service Providers are specified in Caledonian MacBrayne publications, timetables and leaflets.

Tickets are issued by Caledonian MacBrayne as agent only on behalf of the Service Provider for such routes. Tickets are issued subject to the Service Provider's Conditions of Carriage, displayed at and available on request at the Service Provider's Offices and on board its ferries.

Any ticket issued by Caledonian MacBrayne, or any other body, company or person, upon whose property or premises the ticket may be available, is subject to the Conditions of Carriage published by Caledonian MacBrayne.

Click here for our full conditions of carriage.


Tri-Axle Coaches

Despite advising coach and tour operators in advance of travel, we occasionally have issues with tri axle coaches. The issue is that they are unable to embark or disembark onto or from a small ferry due to there being loss of traction from the centre drive axle when traversing the slip/vessel ramp onto/off the vessel.

Note - this issue only affects some small ferries on the following routes:

  • Ardmhor - Eriskay

  • Tobermory - Kilchoan

  • Tayinloan - Gigha

  • Tarbert - Portavadie

  • Largs - Cumbrae (on only the smaller of the two ferries that operate the route)

If you would like to discuss any of the above content, our senior manager responsible for coach customers can be contacted at:

Email -

Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated and will be reported to the correct authorities and appropriate action will be taken when necessary.


Drop off and pick up passengers (Oban / Craignure)

Due to the limited space on the pier at both Oban and Craignure to permit coaches embarking and disembarking from the vessel to Drop off or uplift passengers, the following procedures should be followed. All coaches must be measured before tickets will be issued. Guides and drivers are permitted to collect tickets in advance but only if this condition is met.


Outbound Oban to any destination

Coach and driver

  • On entry to the pier, coaches will be directed to the CV lanes where they will park up with passengers remaining on board. The driver must then make their way to the terminal building with their booking confirmation and vouchers/paperwork (if required) - if tickets have not already been collected. The tickets should then be distributed to the passengers while they are still on the coach.

  • If passengers have made their own way from town they must be issued with a valid ticket before proceeding to the first floor of the terminal building for departure.

  • The coach and driver will board via the ramp.


  • After receiving their tickets, passengers should be advised to make their way along the pedestrian walkway and up to the first floor of the terminal building.

  • If passengers are making their own way from town to the ferry terminal, they must be in the building no later than 30 minutes prior to sailing (same time as vehicle check-in).

Return arrival into Oban

Coach and driver

  • The coach will disembark the vessel and make its way back towards the terminal building. They will be directed to park in a suitable car lane by a marshal to await the arrival of the passengers. The passengers will only be permitted to leave the building once the car park is clear/safe for them to do so.


  • Coach drivers are asked to ensure their passengers disembark the vessel via the passenger access system and remain in the downstairs lounge inside the terminal building until an announcement is made to advise it is safe to exit and board the coach.



Arriving to Craignure Outbound

Coach and driver

  • The safest means to discharge passengers would be in the designated bus lanes to the east of the pier where passengers can walk safely to board the vessel rather than go through vehicles and across the linkspan head.

  • Coaches arriving from Oban into Craignure will be directed from the ferry to the centre lane of the bus area at the top of the pier to allow the passengers to board the coach.


  • Passengers will disembark the vessel via the main door and passenger access system (gangway). Once on the pier passengers are to proceed to the bus lanes, situated on the left-hand side at the top of the pier, and wait on the pavement for the arrival of their coach.

Departing from Craignure Return

Coach and Driver

  • On returning to the ferry terminal the coach will be directed into the appropriate lane and must discharge passengers prior to the vessel berthing, to avoid walking lanes where vehicles are moving around.


  • Once passengers have disembarked the coach they should proceed directly to the covered walkway via the pavement and await boarding to commence. All passengers must have a valid ticket prior to boarding the vessel.

  • It should be noted that at Craignure the passenger access system on to the vessel has no stairs or steps it is just a ramp.

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