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Scottish Laws

Scottish Laws

Smoking Laws

The legal age to smoke and/or buy tobacco in Scotland is 18.

Scottish laws prohibit smoking in public places which are 'wholly or substantially enclosed'. It is an offence to smoke or to knowingly permit smoking in no smoking premises. Vehicles used for business purposes are also affected by the law. These include light and heavy goods vehicles, and public transport such as taxis, buses, trains and ferries, but exclude cars (private or company-owned).

For more information on laws and rights:

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Drinking Laws

The legal age to drink and/or buy alcohol in Scotland is 18.

It isn't illegal to drink in public, but care should be taken as drinking in public can be a nuisance for locals and residents of that particular area. Drink Aware


Driving and Alcohol

It is illegal to drink and drive. Driving with more than 22 microgrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of breath is a criminal offence, as is failing to give a sample.

Licensing Scotland Act


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