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Conditions of carriage

Conditions of carriage

Please note the precise dates on which tickets are valid. Restrictions may apply. Customers should note, however, that other Service Providers operate certain routes. The routes and other Service Providers are specified in Caledonian MacBrayne publications, timetables and leaflets.

Tickets are issued by Caledonian MacBrayne as agent only on behalf of the Service Provider for such routes. Tickets are issued subject to the Service Provider's Conditions of Carriage, displayed at and available on request at the Service Provider's Offices and on board its ferries.

Any ticket issued by Caledonian MacBrayne, or any other body, company or person, upon whose property or premises the ticket may be available, is subject to the Conditions of Carriage (see document link below) published by Caledonian MacBrayne.

Full conditions of carriage can be found here

List for Conditions of carriage

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