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Prioritisation of essential goods for transport

As the situation around the Covid:19 outbreak develops, it is critical that essential goods are transported to where they are required. At CalMac, we have a key part to play in this supply chain. To assist everyone during these challenging times, a list of goods that are deemed priority has been created. Any vehicle - be that an articulated vehicle, van, car with or without a trailer, involved in the transportation of these goods will be given priority on all routes and on all sailings. They include:

  • Vehicles carrying food and other goods for supermarkets and shops

  • Vehicles carrying drugs and other medical supplies

  • Vehicles carrying medical oxygen

  • Vehicles carrying items required by the emergency services, in particular, medical items related to the current Covid-19 outbreak

  • Vehicles carrying fuel

  • Vehicles carrying livestock

  • Vehicles carrying animal feed

As you will understand, this may result in vehicles with non-urgent goods that may or may not have a booking being moved to a later sailing. In the current situation, this is unavoidable, and we will do our best to clearly communicate the reason for any booking being moved to a later sailing.

If there are any issues or problems relating to this, please speak to your local Port Office who will be happy to assist.


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