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Is there a charge to cancel a booking?

To cancel your booking please call our Travel Trade Team on  +44 1475 650355

CalMac Ferries has a policy of charging customers who fail to show for reserved sailings (no shows). For paid bookings, any cancellations made 48 hours prior to travel will not be entitled to a refund. For paid bookings, failure to advise of a cancellation which leads to a 'No Show' will not be entitled to a refund. A 'No Show' is a vehicle that fails to arrive for a booked time slot. Cancellations prior to the 48-hour cut off will be entitled to a full refund less a £10 administration charge. Should there be cancellations to our services due to weather or technical issues then a full refund will be provided. If there are disruptions on our network and should you cancel your booking before we cancel our sailing, then a full refund less the £10 administration charge will apply.

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