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What information you might need to give us when you make your reservation?

If you are traveling by car or other vehicle, please tell us about any additional space you might need to get in and out of your vehicle when you book your ticket.

It may be that you need additional room for the driver / passengers to get in and out of the car, or to get access to the boot for equipment, like a wheelchair. On each of our vessels, we need to use available deck space as efficiently as possible, which can result in cars being packed tightly with limited space around vehicles. If we know about your requirements in advance, we can better plan your position on the car deck. Space is limited, but we will take all reasonable steps to accommodate your request within the space that we have.

Similarly, if you are using an electric mobility aid, such as an electric scooter, then please also tell us about this when you book your ticket. Access to our vessels varies, and this will help us advise you how best to board the vessel, where you can stow your equipment and anything else you need to be aware of to make your journey as comfortable as possible.

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