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As a regular traveller between Cumbrae-Largs, what will this mean for me?


The platform increases the ways in which you can purchase your ferry tickets. You have the additional option of being able to purchase your tickets online, as well as via either port, telephone, or Caledonian MacBrayne staff, as where possible.   

Customers using this route will now be purchasing a two-portion return ticket, which can be purchased from either port. We just ask you to retain your ticket for validation on the second leg of your journey - the same as we do on all other routes. SPT Ferry Card, Companion SPT Ferry Card and Blue Badge concessions will also be available online. If you hold any of these, you'll be able to select these options online, and they'll be applied to your ticket, meaning you no longer need to do this at the ticket office or with staff, if you'd rather not. You will still need to carry your concession card or equivalent to present them to port staff, in line with the providers' terms and conditions.  

Also refer to our guide, below where we'll explain the changes on what this means for customers who use the Largs-Cumbrae ferry service.

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