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What are the processes for Blue Badge holders and SPT concession tickets?

If you have an SPT Ferry Card, Companion SPT Ferry Card or Blue Badge concession, you will be able to use these online.

When you hold one of these concessions, you can select online, and they'll be applied to your ticket, meaning you no longer need to do this at the port office or with staff, if you don't wish to. Of course, you can still make your reservation this way if you wish, but it is no longer a necessity.

Your Blue Badge can be registered to your online account once - and save this for future bookings.

We'll need you to carry your concession card or equivalent with you to present to staff, in line with your providers' terms and conditions. You will also be able to add the details to your online account for ease of booking in the future.  

Your eTicket will then be emailed to you for use digitally and when your ticket is validated you will be asked to show your concession pass, so please remember to bring that with you when you travel with us. 

Although the system will currently show other concession products in the drop down menu, for now, only SPT concessions can be added to bookings online. The process for all other concessions will remain the same and processed at your port of departure.


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