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Ar Turas - Information on our new booking system

Ar Turas Customer FAQs

Why are you introducing a new ticketing system now?

We have been using our current ticketing system for over twenty years. The new system will provide our customers with an easier, more efficient and digitally enabled booking experience.

When will the new system be introduced?

We anticipate that the new ticketing system will be introduced in the first half of 2022, provided external factors, like the current Covid-19 situation improves. We'll share more specific details on exact timescales as soon as we can.  

I have a booking in place for next summer, is this unaffected?

Yes. Bookings which are already in the system will simply be transferred across to the new system when the time comes. You'll receive communication from us about that nearer the time, but it won't affect your booking.

Will I need to be an internet user or a smartphone user to be able to use this new system?

No. You'll still be able to use the same channels you previously did when booking a ticket - whether that's been via our port team or over the telephone. This new system is about providing additional opportunities to transact with us.

Where and when can I find out more about the new system?

We'll be sharing more about the new system with our customers in the weeks ahead through a variety of communications - on and offline. Indeed, that work has already begun with the communities we serve. In the first instance, please revisit this dedicated web page, we'll be refreshing it with answers to your most frequently asked questions and details about how we'll introduce you to the system. 

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