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Ar Turas - Information on our new booking system

Update 12 January 2022

Wednesday 12th January 2022  

CalMac Ar Turas project Stakeholder update from Robbie Drummond, Managing Director, CalMac Ferries.  

"CalMac is introducing a modern ticketing and booking system later this year, offering customers an improved booking and travel experience, maximising the use of car deck capacity and improving communications with our customers.  

The Ar Turas project  

This exciting project is called Ar Turas (Our Journey) and will revolutionise the way in which we interact with customers, making travel simpler and easier. A new, standard ferry system has been selected and the project team is progressing well  with process change, system configuration and testing.  

Significant investment has already been made to strengthen our communication network to help ensure a reliable signal for staff and customers. The project has sought the views of more than 4,500 individual customers and has tested the customer-facing elements of the solution in-depth with a selection of customers on a 1:1 basis.  

The solution will offer customers greater choice over the purchase, management and use of tickets, including the ability to carry tickets on a smart device, if they wish. It will facilitate a range of enhancements including multiple vehicles on a single booking, an online process for pet tickets and selected concession fares will be available to purchase online for the first time.  


Core to any major change is to ensure our staff right across the business are fully trained which involves training around 700 of our colleagues. We must get this right and the training must be face-to-face to enable staff to use the new software and devices confidently. The rapid rise in covid infections has meant that the necessary face-to-face training cannot currently go ahead and some of our key project staff may have to be redeployed to the front line of our service. 

We had planned to implement the new system in the first quarter of 2022. This is no longer possible but provided the covid situation improves in the near term, we anticipate we will be able to deliver the system during the first half of 2022, carefully avoiding peak holiday periods.  

Keeping you updated   

We have a full stakeholder and customer communication programme planned, although currently paused, it will commence when we have certainty on a launch date. We will keep this under constant review and will update all stakeholders and customers when we are able.  

We are all committed to making significant improvements for customers and communities, and we look forward to sharing more information with you as soon as we can. We will provide periodic updates and answers to frequently asked questions here on our web site." 

Robbie Drummond  
Sponsor Ar Turas Project  
Managing Director, CalMac Ferries

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