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Family Island adventures you can do in a day: A Viking voyage to Largs and Cumbrae

Cumbrae crocodile rock

What better way to keep the kids entertained during the school holidays than to take them on a family island adventure that you can do in a day? A Viking voyage to Largs and Cumbrae is a perfect option, particularly if you're looking for places to visit near Glasgow.

Just over an hour away from the city

Set your course for Largs - just over an hour from the city by train. It's a lovely, traditional seaside town - with a pebble beach and plenty of ice cream. From Largs, catch the ferry to Cumbrae - a ten-minute ride away, making it one of the most accessible islands in Scotland.

Cycle Cumbrae

Cumbrae  - or Great Cumbrae as it is formally known sits off the Ayrshire coast and measures just four miles long and two miles wide, but it packs a punch in terms of family adventures.  One of the most popular Glasgow day trips over the years, and as far as things to do in Scotland with kids goes, this is a great spot. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts - hire a bike from any of the Millport Bike Hire options and cycle all the way around the island. At just 10 miles, and with few cars, this cycle loop is perfect for families. Alternatively, you could try any number of water sports at the nearby national centre for water sports.

Do a rock pool ramble at Crocodile Rock

If you're looking for something more sedate - then why not explore the rock pools in and around Millport - it's a great way to find out what lurks in the deep. Take your fishing net to Crocodile Rock in search of hermit crabs, limpets and periwinkles. After your rock pool ramble, you can further indulge Mother Nature by doing some bird watching. Although it's just over an hour from the city, Cumbrae will feel like miles away at this point - thanks to the proximity of eider ducks, oyster catchers and curlews, and even seals (there's a colony living nearby).

Learn about the area's explosive Viking history at Vikingaar!

When it's time to head back to the mainland - leave space in your schedule to visit Vikingaar in Largs - we did say this would be a Viking voyage. You'll meet real Vikings and learn all about their exploits as storytellers guide you through over 500 years of history. Hear all about when the Vikings came to Largs and were sent back to sea by Alexander III and his army. Perhaps there's just enough time to go for a walk along the promenade or the pebble shore, before it's time for home again.

Cumbrae is one of the most accessible islands in Scotland. If you're looking for day trips in Scotland, this one is particularly special - the excitement of catching a ferry will mean that the kids will feel like it's a real adventure miles away from home, yet it's just over one hour away. With multiple options for activities - every age group will find something to do. Head over to the Cumbrae destination page to plan your trip.


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