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Isle of Arran - 'A wee love Story'

Arran - ferry selfie 2 - @thechaoticscot

Guest blog by Scottish travel blogger Kay Gillespie, The Chaotic Scot.

I recently spent the loveliest winter weekend on the island they call 'Scotland in miniature'; the Isle of Arran  'Love' and 'romance' can mean different things to different people. For some, romance is all red roses and fancy restaurants and grand gestures.  

For me, it's something like this... 

Standing out on deck as the CalMac ferry approaches island shores; windswept and full of excitement.  

Snuggling up in a quirky Airbnb by the sea; The Boathouse at Littlemill , beautifully crafted with an upside-down former ferry boat for a roof.  Showering outside and reading by the fire; falling asleep to waterfall sounds. Muddy boots and cold cheeks. Laughter and comfortable silence. Watching the sky perform magic tricks as the sun falls and rises.  

Kay Gillespie image of The Boathouse at Littlemill, Arran

Discovering enchanting woodland trails at Eas Mor Ecology  and bracing beaches with no other soul to be seen. Spotting a red squirrel, shuffling seals, otters in the water and eagles overhead.  

Ordering matching cocktails at Arran Botanical Drinks , but always sharing two different main courses.  

Eas Mor eco library Arran image by Kay Gillespie

Gazing up at stars so bright, it's hard to believe the light years between us. 

Have you fallen in love with Arran yet?  

Kay Gillespie image of Goat Fell


Note to remember
These experiences can be enjoyed by couples, friends, family or just by you - you are guaranteed to enjoy this little gem of an island. 


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Arran Service - Please check the service status page for this route before booking or travelling, as there may be some changes due to annual overhaul plans. 

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