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Shore based modern apprenticeships

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Port Operations Modern Apprenticeship

CalMac Ferries operate Ports and Harbours through all the communities we serve, not just for our own ferries. When working as a Port Operations Assistant you could be dealing with a fishing boat or a cruise ship. Our Port Operations Modern Apprenticeship will include on-the-job assessment in areas such as loading, unloading and securing cargo, mooring, passenger operations and workplace transport operations along with providing you the under pinning knowledge to become a key member of our Port and Harbours team. These will be advertised on our website at 

Business Modern Apprenticeship Programme

CalMac Ferries has a wide support services operation that plays an important role in the delivery of our services across our network. We do offer adhoc Modern Apprenticeships in different departments across the organisation. These will be advertised in the Modern apprenticeship section within our Careers pages.

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