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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my project need to be a new project?

A: No, we will consider supporting existing projects to grow or develop.

Q: My organisation is based in a main land port town that CalMac does not serve, can I apply?

A: Unfortunately not, the CalMac Community Fund supports organisations based in islands and main port towns we serve; you can see our main land port towns in the following link:

You can check what funding your organisation is eligible for by visiting

Q: My organisation is not a charity, can I apply?

A: We will consider applications from non-profit organisations if you meet our eligibility, please visit the following link: Eligibility

Q: I only want support for ferry travel.

A: We will not fund ferry travel in isolation, if your projects work or activities involves traveling on our network you may use the CalMac Community Fund to cover these costs.

Q: My organisation operates across a number of areas, when should I apply?

A: You should apply when the area you are registered to opens. For example, your work and activities stretches to Colonsay and you are based in Oban. You should apply when the application process opens to organisations based in Oban.

Q: My organisation is based in Arran and applications do not open until July, will there be funding remaining?

A: Yes, we will restrict how much funding is awarded, ensuring an equal split between the six geographic areas.

Q. My project involves intergenerational work, can I apply?

A. Yes, however the funding must be spent on benefitting children and young people.

Q. Is there an opportunity to apply for more than £2,000?

A. No.

Q. Is there any criteria on the size of organisation that can apply (no. of employees, turnover etc.)?

A. No.

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