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Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement

Coronavirus (COVID-19) statement

You will be aware of the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its potential to impact the lifeline ferry service operated by CalMac.

This message is to reassure you that we are working closely with Transport Scotland's Resilience Team and Health Protection Scotland, and have developed COVID-19 contingency plans in line with the current government strategy. We are also tied in with the Scottish Government's COVID-19 Communications team and receive daily updates from them. CalMac is sending out frequent COVID-19 updates to our own staff.

There is obviously a potential for COVID-19 to cause significant disruption but all our plans are designed to ensure our service can continue, albeit at reduced capacity. We will take advice from the Government before making any decisions and we will ensure any impact is communicated early and in as much detail to communities and customers as possible.

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