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Covid-19 Customer Updates and Travel Advice

CalMac Booking and Timetable Update 21 May 2020

Covid-19 Customer Update - 21 May 2020

As you know, CalMac is currently running an essential services timetable across our network in response to the Covid19 pandemic. This timetable will now be extended until at least 14 June 2020. While we work on establishing a new timetable with Transport Scotland, no future bookings will be available until at least 14 June 2020 when an updated timetable will be confirmed.  

We understand that travel restrictions are undoubtedly challenging for our customers. Passenger numbers are down by 95% across our routes. For many of you, important plans may have been delayed or changed during this time.  Many more will still be waiting to visit. We appreciate your patience.  

That said, we are acutely aware of the unique position of the island and rural communities we serve, and we must balance this with any lessening of lockdown limitations. Therefore, any easing of travel restrictions to these areas must be gradual and carefully planned. That's why future bookings will be unavailable until we have agreed an updated timetable with Transport Scotland.  

We are taking our lead from the Scottish Government, while working closely with Transport Scotland and our island communities. When we agree our future timetable, it will be in line with their guidelines - and it will ensure we remain focused on the priority lifeline services and the welfare of the island communities we serve.  

We will update our customers as soon as a new timetable has been agreed via our website and social media channels. In the meantime, if you have any questions on how this affects you or your plans, please go to our dedicated FAQ section of our website where our team has set out answers to the questions you may have.

If you do need to cancel a booking, we will of course waive the cancellation fee and you can begin that process by filling out our refund form.   

We look forward to welcoming many of you aboard again in the future.  

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