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When will bookings open?

The next phase of our timetable is now in operation for the period up to 18 October.

From 31 July at 9am, bookings will be open for the period up to and including 18 October 2020 - the period covering the remainder of the season.  

Customer reservations which were made before our bookings closed earlier this year are already in our booking system. This, together with the implementation of the latest physical distancing guidelines means we still have less capacity than we would have in 'normal' circumstances.

Please note if you wish to make a booking to travel on the current day -  for example, if it is the 1 of August and you wish to make a booking to travel later that day, this will be operated as a turn up and go sailing. We are strongly advising all passengers to make a booking before the day of travel, where possible, as your first choice of sailing on the day may not always be available.

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Read our latest customer update and FAQs on bookings.


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