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What additional health and safety precautions is CalMac taking at this time?

All of our health and safety precautions are in line with the advice of the Scottish Government, Transport Scotland and Health Protection Scotland. 

Our Masters now include the latest COVID-19 safety advice as part of their safety briefing before every sailing.

We wipe down all high touch surfaces every two hours with specialist cleaning equipment. This is then logged against a strict recording regime to ensure it has been completed. This does not apply to our small vessel fleet where passengers are allowed to stay in their vehicles. In fact, we are now recommending that all passengers remain in their cars when on these small vessels.

CalMac has also now ceased serving all food and drink on our vessels. All restaurants, coffee cabins, bars and shops on board our vessels are now closed. 

Hand sanitiser is available in our ports and on our vessels and NHS Inform Coronavirus posters are being put up on all of our vessels and ports to remind all of our customers about the importance of regular and thorough hand hygiene.

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