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Covid-19 Customer Updates and Travel Advice

Latest statement from Transport Scotland - 03 July 2020

MV Loch Seaforth in Stornoway

Covid-19 - Statement from Transport Scotland - Update 03 July 2020

Travelling to islands

The gradual easing of restrictions applies equally to all parts of Scotland, including the islands. Ferry travel is now allowed for all purposes which are consistent with the Routemap as a whole and associated guidance.

Capacity is being increased but those intending to travel should note that, as with all public transport across Scotland, capacity will remain limited by the need to implement physical distancing requirements to reduce the risk of transmission of the coronavirus.

It is essential that you plan your journey and check with or your ferry operator for the latest travel advice on your route. Please also check the arrangements for your journey to the port and onwards on the island, including subsequent ferries, as there may be adjustments, capacity limits and longer connecting times.

Where possible, you should book in advance. Please refer to the ferry operators specific advice.

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