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My tickets have been emailed to me. What paperwork do I need to bring for boarding the ferry?

If you have made your reservation and selected 'print at home' tickets - it's very important to print out the attachment in full, single sided.

To avoid delay at check in and boarding, we need you to bring a full print out of the reservation PDF which was attached to your email - and it needs to be on single sided paper.

Unfortunately, we cannot yet process your check in by viewing your reservation on your mobile phone or laptop.

Printing Guidelines - 

  1. Print portrait, on one side of plain A4 paper.

  2. As each unique barcode will be scanned, we do not advise printing in economy mode as this will render the barcode unreadable. 

  3. Please ensure you have printed a ticket for each journey leg and for all passengers (including boarding cards where applicable).

  4. Folding guidelines: to speed up the check-in process for everyone, please fold the page in half, ensuring all barcodes are visible. 

  5. Be prepared: have your tickets ready to be scanned at check-in at the port, with barcodes visible. The unique barcode will be scanned and checked against our ticketing system. 

Please note: whether you are a foot passenger or in a vehicle, passengers who arrive later than the displayed check-in closure times cannot be guaranteed boarding. If you do not print your tickets, or print them double sided, your check-in and boarding of the ship will be delayed while you visit the port office and staff print replacement tickets. If you have been unable to print your tickets, please make sure you allow sufficient time to visit the port office. 


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