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Dangerous goods - I have a cargo of dangerous goods. Can I use your service?


If you're carrying dangerous goods you must declare this to the port of departure at least 24 hours in advance.

All dangerous goods shipments must be accompanied by a Dangerous Goods Note (DGN). These notes must contain the information required by SOLAS Chapter VII, Regulation 4 or MARPOL Annex III Regulation 4.

Other than the exceptions detailed below, vehicles carrying dangerous goods shall be placarded and marked in accordance with the requirements of chapter 5.3 of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) Code. Note that these requirements differ from those required by ADR.

Vehicles over 3.5 tonnes GVM carrying dangerous goods must be fitted with lashing points of sufficient strength on all routes. CalMac cannot provide any legal coverage on the carriage of dangerous goods.

Dangerous goods include flammable substances such as petrol, LPG and compressed air cylinders, and must be carried in accordance with Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) and IMDG regulations.  There are some quantities and types of dangerous goods which are connected with a shippers operation or business that are exempt from the IMDG Code requirements in respect of providing notice and placarding. However a DGN is required for such vehicles in all circumstances.

Oxygen & Acetylene

The following provision applies to gases carried purely for maintenance work.

One acetylene or propane/butane cylinder up to 35 kg gross mass and one oxygen cylinder up to 40kg gross mass may be carried.

Both cylinders should be less than 1m in height and disconnected from any equipment prior to boarding the vessel.

No other class 2 or class 3 liquids are permitted in the same cargo transport unit (vehicle).

Propane & Butane for private use

Butane/Propane (maximum of 3 cylinders, the combined weight of which must not exceed 47 kg) for lighting, cooking or heating purposes only.

Calibration gases

Gases which are used for calibration purposes may be carried provided the aggregate water capacity of the cylinder or small receptacles containing the gas (gas cartridges) does not exceed 50 litres.


Ambulances, which are, for the purposes of this notice, vehicles used to carry sick, injured or disabled persons to a place where they will receive treatment and then be returned, may carry gas cylinders as follows:

Gas cylinders carried must be for the sole purpose of the ambulance operation;

·         The maximum number of cylinders carried must be six, of size 'F' or smaller (i.e. up to 60 litres aggregate water capacity), containing oxygen or UN 3156 Compressed gas, oxidising N.O.S (Oxygen, Nitrous oxide), (trade name entonox). All cylinders should be adequately secured inside the vehicle before loading against the movement of the ship;

Supply should be shut off at the cylinder except when necessary for the immediate needs of any patient carried within the ambulance;

Leaking and inadequately secured or connected cylinders should be refused for shipment;

The vehicle must be readily identifiable as an ambulance.

Note size F cylinders have a 9.4 litres water capacity. The approximate dimensions of a Size F Cylinder are 930mm x 140mm.

Fire appliances

Fire Appliances carrying 4 x twin pack BA sets and 1 x oxygen cylinder for resuscitation purposes, may be carried as non-dangerous goods on condition the appliance is accompanied by fire crew and cylinders are declared verbally to the vessel's crew.


In all cases gas cylinders should be declared to the Port Staff or the Deck Crew. Prior to loading, the gas supply should be shut off at the cylinders (except in some cases when medical oxygen is being carried) and all cylinders should be adequately secured against movement of the ship, away from sources of ignition and heat.

We reserve the right to inspect any vehicle presented for shipment and can refuse to convey it if the regulations are being contravened. 

Example of Multimodal Dangerous Goods Form [126KB]

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