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Can I delay or cancel my sailing?

All travel on our network must now only be for essential travel. 

CalMac has also put in place a temporary change to our policy. Until 15th July 2020, you can cancel any planned bookings without having to pay a fee.You can apply for a refund online here
You can make amendments to your booking online if you wish to change the travel date from 16th July onwards - Find out more here.

We kindly ask that all bookings travelling in more than 72 hours time should contact us at a later time.

I have paid for a ticket/booking but my travel is not essential, what should I do?

Please contact us online for a full refund. We have waived any cancellation charges through to 15th of July. You can apply for your refund online here

Does the fact I cannot book a ticket  affect me when travelling as a foot passenger?

No, you can still turn up and go as a foot passenger at all of our ports. You can purchase a ticket at the Port.

Can I still take my car on the ferry if I don't have a booking?

Yes, we will be operating a turn up and go service on all of our routes. You will be able to purchase your ticket at the Port. 

However, all cars without a booking will be managed on a first come, first served basis.

As I can no longer make a booking to travel up to 15th July, how do I request assistance if I just turn up at the port? 

We would advise making yourself aware to a member of staff at the port and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Can I cancel my booking online?

Yes, you can now cancel a booking and receive a refund by using our online form, find it here. Please note: there is no need to complete the form if you have already emailed us for a refund. 

Can I amend my sailing to a later date online?

Yes, of course. You can make amendments to your booking if you wish to change the travel date from 16th July 2020 onwards online. Find out more here.

If I can no longer travel on a sailing that I have booked for this summer, can I transfer it to summer 2021? 

At this stage our recommendations are to apply for a full refund and then when the Summer 2021 timetable has been agreed and published you will have an opportunity to book then.  Unfortunately, we can't book a reservation for 2021 at this moment in time.

Please note
We kindly ask that all bookings travelling outwith 72 hours to call back at a later time. If you have already contacted us by email, we will reply as quickly as we can. The volume of enquires has been unprecedented and replies may take longer than usual. Please do not submit a duplicate enquiry.
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