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Passenger Safety Video

As part of our commitment to safety, we have produced a brand orientated video that will make our safety critical departure message more engaging with our passengers.

Check out our transcript of the passenger safety video.

This video has been produced with the help and engagement of our seafarers and port staff, combined with valuable insight obtained from our passengers. Expertise in making the video was provided by a creative agency and production company. The message in the video fully complies with current safety legislation.

After several months of storyboarding, filming took place during September on the Isle of Arran. All cast members are island locals who were enthusiastic and provided the authenticity of our identity and our service. The video has been recorded and narrated in English by Bill Petrie and in Gaelic by Dol Eoin Mackinnon each with its own respective subtitles. There are 3 different versions to address the varying configurations of evacuation systems in our fleet.

The video will be rolled out across our fleet during 2018. 

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