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Are there any restrictions to online amendments?

The following changes are not available for online amends and if you wish to make any of these changes, please call our Customer Engagement Centre on 0800 066 5000 and they will be happy to assist you.

  • Changing your booking to a sailing that has already been closed.  (Sailings are typically closed near to the departure time or during a disruption to normal service caused by bad weather to allow the booked traffic to be managed efficiently.)

  • Cancelling your booking - You can cancel a booking and request a refund by contacting our Customer Engagement Centre.

  • Changing a booking when the first journey has already passed

  • Removing all journeys

  • Removing all passengers and driver

  • Increasing the number of passengers if there is insufficient availability for passenger capacity on your chosen sailing(s)

  • Changing your original vehicle to any type of commercial vehicle (e.g. CV, tanker, coach) other than LGV

  • Changing your vehicle to a larger one or adding a trailer or caravan if the new length will exceed the space available on the chosen sailing(s)

  • Changing a booking less than 2 hours before your first journey


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