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What amendments can I make to my booking online?

Our online amendment feature allows changes to be made to your booking online at a time convenient to you, giving more flexibility and control over your bookings.  The changes you can make are: 

  • Change the date(s) of your journey(s)

  • Change the sailing time(s) for your journey(s)

  • Add a return leg to a single booking

  • Remove a leg from a return booking

  • Reverse the direction of a return journey

  • Book hopscotch legs which had been originally left unbooked.

  • Add or remove passengers (one adult is mandatory)

  • Change the mix of passengers (no of adults, children and infants)

  • Change whether assistance is required (lift access / wheelchair and lift access / none)

  • Add / change API information (when booking includes API route(s))

  • Add a vehicle to a passenger only booking

  • Remove a vehicle to create a passenger only booking

  • Add / remove a trailer or caravan

  • Add / remove a bike rack

  • Change the type of vehicle (car, 4x4, people carrier, motorhome, motorbike or LGV only)

  • Change the registration of the vehicle

  • Change the address*

  • Change any phone numbers*

  • Change the email address*

  • Amend API information

*these changes will only apply to the booking and will NOT be saved into your online account.  If you need to make changes to your account contact details, they should be made through 'My Account' and not the booking amendment process.

This is being made available alongside our saved cards feature which allows you to register a payment card with us, which you can then use to make future payments by simply selecting your saved card and entering the 3 digit security code from the reverse of the card.  You must have saved card details with us before you have access to make any of the online amendments mentioned above.

How do I register my card?

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