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Stored Credentials FAQs

Stored Credentials - Important Information and FAQs

New rules have been brought in by the main card schemes to ensure that credit and debit card details held by businesses and organisations are held in a safe and secure manner.  

At CalMac Ferries we already hold saved card details in the form of a 'token' - a series of randomly generated numbers which allows card transactions to be processed securely without the sensitive card details being held in the account.  To provide additional security for card holders, there is now a requirement to obtain explicit consent from customers when they save their card details against their account in order to pay for new bookings and booking amendments. 

The changes required by the card schemes have already been made to our system and a Yes or a No will be displayed next to all saved card details.  This indicates whether consent has been provided or not.  

Cards already saved in accounts before this requirement was introduced will automatically have consent shown as No.  This is because we cannot assume consent will be given. Customers can choose to change the consent option to Yes to continue to use the saved card or, if no longer required, can choose to delete the card from their account.

Before you give consent, it is important that you read the Stored Credentials Consent Agreement details. This explains how we hold your card details, how they will be used, and how we will communicate any changes to this agreement.  If you choose to give consent you will receive an automatic email confirmation that your consent has been registered and providing you with a copy of the agreement.

If you choose to delete your card details, you can still use your account without a saved card, but you will be unable to access Online Booking Amendments and will need to type in your full card details when you make a booking.

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