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Can I buy an island hopping ticket online?

We're currently not able to offer online reservations for island hopping / multiple journey tickets in one transaction, but these can be booked over the telephone or with our Ports where one of our team will be happy to assist you to arrange your trip.  

Hopscotch ticket prices were calculated by simply adding the cost of a single journey on each leg of the itinerary.  Purchasing single tickets will therefore be no more expensive that the corresponding Hopscotch ticket would have been.

If you are planning an island-hopping trip and you would like to book multiple routes on one transaction - please speak with one of our team at our Customer Contact Centre or with our Port Staff.  

Booking an island-hopping trip in more than one transaction  

If you are happy to make your island-hopping reservations by purchasing multiple journey tickets on separate transactions, then this can be done online. 

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