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Can I take my kayak, canoe, surfboard or paddleboard on the ferry?

Yes, these items are carried free of charge, however, shipment is not guaranteed. Kayaks/canoes/surfboards/paddleboards etc. are only carried where space is available and space for booked traffic needs to take priority. Our vessel crew will confirm shipment as loading commences. 

If you have these items mounted on the roof of your vehicle (i.e. not on a trailer that's been included in your reservation), or if you're carrying them as a foot passenger - please speak to a member of staff when you arrive at the port.  

Any customer wishing to ship a kayak, canoe, surfboard or paddleboard that is not vehicle mounted is required to be able to lift their own kayak, canoe, surfboard, paddleboard on to and off the vessel. Our vessel crew will indicate where it is to be stowed on the vehicle deck.  

If your kayak, canoe, surfboard, paddleboard is mounted on your vehicle, you may be asked to remove it from the roof bracket if space is limited and an alternative place of stowage will be indicated for the crossing. 

Please also check our rules around the carriage of dangerous goods if you are storing any items in your kayak/canoe.

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