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I use my bank/credit card for purchasing my ferry tickets online. How might the latest changes to Multi Factor Payment Authentication affect my next purchase?

When using your bank or credit card for online purchases in the UK and Europe, you may have experienced a change to the way your card payments are authorised. Multi Factor authentication has been introduced by banks and payment providers for the security of all customers. It means that at the point of purchase, your card issuer may ask you to take an additional security step to confirm your identity.  

As with any online purchase, your bank and payment provider may request this when you are making online booking payments for your ferry tickets.  

If you find your usual payment card has failed when trying to purchase tickets with us, contact your bank or payment provider to set up multi factor authentication. They will also be able to share more information about the changes, should you need it. 

Once this has been set up you can then progress with your payment in the normal way. 

Helpful tip 

If available, try another card as this may already be set up for multi factor authentication.  

If you don't have another card, your bank may have already contacted you about this. However, if you have not already registered your email address or mobile phone number with your bank or the card issuer to allow for this type of authentication at the point of purchase, we recommend you do this as soon as possible to avoid any problems with online payments.  

This enhanced security standard is being managed by banks and payment providers and applies to online or card payment purchases for all companies who offer online purchases. 


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