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All you need to know about using our wi-fi when travelling with CalMac including where you can connect, how to connect, security and speed of connection.

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Are there restrictions on what I can download?

CalMac aims to provide a useful complimentary wi-fi service for all its customers. CalMac has restricted bandwidth per user to ensure that the service is able to be used by as many passengers as possible, within the available bandwidth. We ask that you use this service sensibly and have consideration for all CalMac passengers. To comply with and to ensure the best possible service quality for all users, we reserve the right to restrict access to certain websites that may be deemed to potentially infringe copyright. Please note that we reserve the right to modify this list at any time. Currently, these restrictions include all sites which stream content such as YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Netflix and those sites categorised as illegal or inappropriate. 

Fair Usage Policy/Quality of Service

Each user on the public wi-fi is restricted to 0.128Mb upload and 0. 5Mb download, plus corporate

Content Filtering

The firewalls are set to block the following categories: 
Adult Content
Peer-to-Peer File Sharing
Abused Drugs

Elevated Exposure
Emerging Exploits
Suspicious Content
Dynamic DNS 
Illegal or Questionable
Proxy Avoidance
Militancy and Extremist
Malicious Websites
Phishing and Other Frauds
Potentially Unwanted Software
Bot Networks
Malicious Embedded iFrame
Malicious Embedded Link
Mobile Malware
Advanced Malware Command and Control
Compromised Websites 

Media streaming (iPlayer, You Tube, etc.) is blocked on public wi-fi due to bandwidth restrictions.

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