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All you need to know about using our wi-fi when travelling with CalMac including where you can connect, how to connect, security and speed of connection.

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The CalMac website landing page does not appear automatically when I open my browser?

You must connect to the service by selecting the 'CalMacPublicWifi' network on your device. 

The device should connect to the wifi and then launch an internet browser page, showing an error message. 

Close this browser window

Open a new browser window (by selecting the "Browser" app icon)

Then visit any outside website 

This will launch the CalMac public wi-fi login page, which you then enter your email address in to connect.

Once submitted the device will stay connected to the wi-fi for as long as the connection is available. If the device is disconnected form the wi-fi, you can follow the steps above to reconnect

If you experience issues again can, please notify a member of staff onboard so they can log this with our I.T department.

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