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Electric Mobility Aids

Electric Mobility Aids

On most of our smaller vessels, electric mobility aids will be able to board the vessel at all stages of the tide via the vehicle deck ramp however smaller wheeled mobility aids may find it difficult to cross the lip of the ramp in some instances. Our staff will be able to help and advise you should this be an issue for you.

Please be aware that due to variations in sizes among electric mobility vehicles, not all mobility aids will be able to access all areas of the vessels. Whilst all of our small ferries have public lavatories, they do not all have fully accessible toilets capable of accommodating an electric mobility aid. Small ferries all have a passenger lounge at the vehicle deck level, and the doors to these have a small sill to cross. Smaller wheel scooters may find this difficult to pass over. In addition to this, passenger lounges can be restricted in space and most electric mobility aid users will find it difficult to manoeuvre within such areas, especially larger aids. Therefore, for safety reasons, we are likely to require electric mobility aid users to leave their scooters outside the lounge area given the restrictions in space on board. However, our crew will assist you to a seat if required.

Alternatively, passengers may have the option to stay within their cars during the crossing on some small vessel routes. If you would like more information on this, please speak to our  Customer Services Team for more information.

While travelling with us, passengers must not charge their electric mobility aid while on board the ferry, unless it is absolutely necessary to allow your continued mobility. Please speak with a member of the crew for assistance - any aid that needs to be charged will need to be monitored continuously.

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