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Boarding with mobility aids and wheelchairs

Boarding with mobility aids or wheelchairs

The design of our vessels vary, and so, it is best to speak with our  Customer Services Team to discuss your journey and your particular requirements. For instance, if you use an electric mobility aid or wheelchair you will be able to board the ferry by either using the passenger access system or the vehicle deck.

However, due to safety reasons, there may be reason to restrict, not only the size of motorised wheelchairs within the passenger areas, but also the number of them. Your ability to take your wheelchair with you may depend on how early the booking was made relative to other passenger's bookings and how many other wheelchair users have already booked for that sailing.

Also owing to local conditions access to some of vessels can be quite steep. If you think you will need some extra help to board, please contact our Customer Services Team at least 48 hours in advance of your journey so that we can make sure we can help you to access the vessel.

On our smaller vessels, all passengers board via the vehicle deck. We appreciate that this can cause concern for customers particularly when using wheelchairs or other mobility aids; however, this is common practice and has been suitably risk assessed. Depending on the location, port staff or crew will be available to provide support boarding if you require this and make yourself known.

Once on board the ferry, passengers mustn't charge their electric mobility aid while on board the ferry, unless it is absolutely necessary to allow your continued mobility. Please speak with a member of the crew for assistance - any aid that needs to be charged will need to be monitored continuously.

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