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Island Hop 3 Bute & Cowal

Includes routes:

Wemyss Bay - Rothesay, Rhubodach - Colintraive

Fare details for each ticket type can be found below (e.g. passenger / vehicle). Tickets can be purchased at the Port office of departure. Please note: both of these routes operate on a turn up and go basis, and don't require any advance booking. Plan ahead as your first choice of sailing may not always be available and wait times may be extended. 

Please check the service status of your route before you travel

Island Hop 3 Bute Cowal

Seasonal fares



Valid between 25 March - 23 October 2022


Valid between 24 October 2022 - 30 March 2023

Ticket TypeWinter FareSummer Fare

Driver and  Passenger (each)



Car, Caravan, Motorhome Boat/ Trailer (not exc. 6.0m) (each)



Caravan, Baggage Trailer (6.1m - 8.0m) (each)



Motorhome (6.1m - 8.0m) 



Motorhome (8.1m - 10m)



Motorcycle, Baggage Trailer (not exc. 2.5m)  (each)



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