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MV Arrow - Ullapool to Stornoway FAQs


Why we are introducing the MV Arrow to the network 

The deployment of MV Arrow will provide:  

  • A dedicated freight service vessel which in turn gives some increased capacity.  

  • Additional resilience to the Ullapool/Stornoway route. 

  • The ability for MV Loch Seaforth to provide additional sailings, supporting Coronavirus recovery. 

What route will the MV Arrow operate on?  

The vessel will be a dedicated freight service to provide additional capacity and resilience to the Ullapool/Stornoway route. It will also allow MV Loch Seaforth to provide additional sailings to support Coronavirus recovery at this crucial time when we remain constrained by physical distancing measures. 

How many sailings will she add on Ullapool-Stornoway? 

MV Arrow will deliver MV Loch Seaforth's evening freight sailing six days a week and MV Loch Seaforth will deliver two additional passenger sailings per week. View the timetable here

Please note 3 additional sailings for the week 19 July to 25 July (Monday/Tuesday and Friday) and 2 additional sailings will commence from 26 July to 7 September (Monday and Friday).   

Is more space going to be released for reservations on MV Loch Seaforth?   

MV Loch Seaforth will deliver two additional passenger sailings per week so there will be more space for reservations on MV Loch Seaforth. View the updated timetable here and bookings are now open online for the additional sailings. 

Will there be bus connections in place for the additional sailings? 

Citylink will run an additional service for these extra sailings from Ullapool and Inverness. View bus timetable here

Who will operate MV Arrow?   

The vessel will be operated by Seatruck on behalf of Caledonian MacBrayne 

Are there any retail facilities on board MV Arrow? 

Meals will be available for drivers. This will be managed locally by the Ullapool/Stornoway port staff in line with normal booking processes for the freight sailing. 

Why does your capacity remain restricted?  

We are implementing Scottish Government and Transport Scotland travel and transport guidelines. These rules - which include physical distancing requirements - control the number of passengers we can carry on a sailing.  

In addition, we are also carrying out enhanced hygiene measures during and between every sailing. 

How do I book on MV Arrow? 

Booking on MV Arrow freight sailing will be managed locally by the Ullapool/Stornoway port staff in line with normal booking processes for the freight sailing.  

Can non freight passengers travel on MV Arrow?  

No. MV Arrow will always operate as a freight vessel, this means non-commercial customers cannot be accommodated.

What if MV Arrow's break clause is required? 

If MV Arrow is called back with 24 hours' notice, the additional sailings on MV Loch Seaforth will be cancelled and she will provide the freight sailing. Due to physical distancing, capacity is constrained, and bookings on additional passenger sailings will be impacted, however, our Customer Services team will seek to accommodate displaced passengers wherever possible. 

Can MV Loch Seaforth be deployed on other routes if the capacity is needed more elsewhere on the network? 

No, MV Loch Seaforth cannot be deployed on any other routes.   

Can MV Arrow cover if MV Loch Seaforth sailings are cancelled? 

No, MV Arrow will not be able to cover passenger sailings if MV Loch Seaforth sailings are cancelled as she is a freight vessel. 

How long will you have MV Arrow? 

Freight vessel MV Arrow will be joining the CalMac fleet on a short-term charter from 19 July to 7 September 2021. 

How many freight sailings will MV Arrow complete?  

MV Arrow will deliver six evening freight sailings each week. 

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