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New Islay Vessel Project

New Islay Vessel Project

Caledonian Maritime Assets Limited (CMAL) has shared information on the new Islay vessel project with the Islay community to maintain engagement during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Two community meetings due to take place in Bowmore and Port Ellen at the end of March had to be postponed due to the coronavirus lockdown.  CMAL has so far been unable to rearrange the community engagement meetings, but is hoping to reschedule them for later in the summer, subject to coronavirus restrictions and safety guidelines.

In the meantime, a project update in the form of a Q&A document has been shared with local community stakeholders, such as Islay Community Council and ferry committee, and published on the CMAL website

An update in the form of a Q&A document has been created to maintain engagement with the Islay community on the new vessel project click here  for more information 

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