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Episode 7 - Mull

Scottish Island Adventures: Mull with Colin MacIntyre

Iona abbey

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The Isle of Mull is a standout island with dramatic bays and beaches all along the Island' coastline. It is home to an impressive array of animals making it a must-visit for any wildlife enthusiast. You can also take a boat from Mull to the Island of Iona to visit the incredible Iona Abbey and hear tales of the Viking settlers who came to the shores.  

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Hebridean Whale Trail  

Minke Whale Wildlife Encounter

In recent years, environmental conservation has become a top priority for the communities on Mull. With the Hebridean Whale Trail, you can be sure you're able to engage with the local wildlife without causing too much disruption to their natural habitat by staying on land. Local experts are there at every step of the trail to offer their knowledge and the trail was even a finalist in the National Geographic Travellers Awards so you can trust that your experience will be unforgettable.  

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Tobermory Fishing Company 

Tobermory Fishing Company

Based out of the stunning port town of Tobermory, the Tobermory Fishing Company has been producing high-quality products with fish from only the finest local and Scottish suppliers. Having been passed through multiple generations, the award-winning family-run business has a strong island heritage that is evident in the distinctive taste of their products. 

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Ardalanish Isle of Mull Weavers 

The Isle of Mull Weavers are based out of Ardalanish, a beautiful area set on a peninsula. The weavers are part of the Ardalanish farm who rear the cattle and sheep from which the products are woven. The weavers use only natural dyes to ensure that every garment they create will last for generations.  

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Itinerary #7: Mull

A rugged paradise off Scotland's west coast, boasting diverse wildlife, charming villages, and stunning landscapes to explore.

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From mountains to moorlands, Mull is an island of wild landscapes with a pretty harbour town.

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