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Additional Sailings and Service Changes

Ullapool to Stornoway - Citylink Bus Timetable 19 July to 7 September 2021

19 July - 7 September 2021 - Citylink Bus Timetable

The freight vessel MV Arrow will be joining CalMac on a short-term charter from 19 July to 7 September 2021. The vessel will be operated by Seatruck on behalf of CalMac and will be a dedicated freight service, providing additional capacity and resilience to the Ullapool/Stornoway route.

The MV Arrow will deliver MV Loch Seaforth's evening freight sailing six days a week and MV Loch Seaforth will deliver two additional passenger sailings per week. View the MV Loch Seaforth timetable here.

Bus Connections - Citylink buses will run an additional service for these extra sailings from Ullapool and Inverness to meet these additional sailings. View timetable below.

961 Inverness - Ullapool & Stornoway

 Monday to FridaySaturday Sunday
Inverness (Bus Station)08:1015:0022:0008:1016:40 09:1016:10
Tore Interchange08:2015:1022:1008:2016:50 09:2016:20
Contin08:3415:2422:2408:3417:04 09:3416:34
Garve bus bay08:4415:3422:3408:4417:14 09:4416:44
Aultguish Inn08:5615:4622:4608:5617:26 09:5616:56
Braemore Junction09:1116:0123:0109:1117:41 10:1117:11
Ullapool Pier09:3016:2023:2009:3018:00 10:3017:30
Ferry dep10:3017:3000:3010:3019:00 11:3018:30
Ferry arr09:3016:3023:3009:3018:00 10:3017:30
Ullapool Pier09:5016:5023:5009:5018:20 10:5017:50
Braemore Junction10:0817:0800:0810:0818:38 11:0818:08
Aultguish Inn10:2117:2100:2110:2118:51 11:2118:21
Garve bus bay10:3217:3200:3210:3219:02 11:3218:32
Contin10:4217:4200:4210:4219:12 11:4218:42
Tore Interchange10:5717:5700:5710:5719:27 11:5718:57
Inverness (Bus Station)11:1018:1001:1011:1019:40 12:1019:10
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