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Service status by text

Text messages can be sent to your mobile containing the latest service information. CalMac will not charge you for this service, although your normal service provider rates will apply.

Subscriber texts

To subscribe to live updates for a particular route text the words CALMAC and SUBSCRIBE along with the route code of your choice to 60030 e.g. "CALMAC SUBSCRIBE 05". This will automatically subscribe you to ongoing service information* relating to that route for a six month period.

You can subscribe to multiple routes by sending an individual subscription message for each route.

Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time by texting CALMAC STOP to 60030 e.g. "CALMAC STOP 05" for an individual route or "CALMAC STOP" to cancel all subscriptions.

A list of commands is also available by texting "CALMAC HELP" to 60030. Text codes for each route can be found on the Service Information page.   

*Text messages for subscribed routes will be dispatched to you immediately upon update, at any time of day or night.

One time texts

For a one time update on the route of your choice text both the word CALMAC and the route code to 60030 e.g. "CALMAC 05". Text codes for each route can be found on the Service Information page. 

Manage my text subscriptions 

You can now easily manage your new and existing subscriptions to our text messaging service. Manage the routes and choose the length of your subscription period, from 1 day to 6 months. Follow the simple steps on our manage my text subscriptions page to view, edit, delete your existing subscriptions and add new route subscriptions.

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