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Kennacraig (KEN) - Port Askaig (PAS), Kennacraig (KEN) - Port Ellen (PEL)

One or more sailings are disrupted

Service updates

MV Hebridean Isles

Due to a technical issue affecting MV Hebridean Isles onboard heating system, the vessel has been removed from service. Repairs are still being worked on however the vessel plans to depart dock on Sunday with the return to service on Monday 15th April.

MV Finlaggan will continue to operate a single vessel timetable as follows -

Saturday 13th April

Due to a forecast of strong West / South Westerly winds, service is liable to disruption or cancellation at short notice.

Depart Kennacraig - 07:00
Arrive Port Ellen - 09:10
Depart Port Ellen - 09:40
Arrive Kennacraig 11:50
Depart Kennacraig - 12:40 (Departed at 14:00) 
Arrive Port Askaig 14:35
Depart Port Askaig - 15:05 (Cancelled)
Arrive Kennacraig - 17:00
Depart Kennacraig - 17:45 (Cancelled)
Arrive Port Askaig - 19:40

Due to adverse weather and loading delays, the 1240 sailing from Kennacraig departed at 1400. 1 hour, 20 minutes late.

Due to strong West, South Westerly winds and weather conditions forecast to deteriorate, all further sailings following the 1240 from Kennacraig are cancelled.

MV Finlaggan will berth overnight upon arrival at Port Askaig.

Sunday 14th April

The vessel will operate to and from Port Askaig only:

Departs Port Askaig - 09:45, 15:05 and 20:05
Departs Kennacraig - 12:40 and 17:45

Monday 15th April

Due to MV Finlaggan departing for annual overhaul, service will operate as follows:

Depart Kennacraig - 07:00
Arrive Port Askaig- 08:55 (previously Port Ellen)

Depart Port Askaig - 07:00 (previously Port Ellen)
Arrive Kennacraig - 09:05

Depart Kennacraig - 10:05
Arrive Port Askaig - 12:10 (previously Port Ellen)

Depart Port Askaig - 09:40 (previously 10:05 from Port Ellen)
Arrive Kennacraig - 11:35

Depart Kennacraig - 12:40 (early 13:55)
Arrive Port Ellen - 14:45 (previously Port Askaig)

Depart Port Askaig - 12:55 (previously 13:10 from Port Ellen)
Arrive Kennacraig - 15:00

Depart Kennacraig - 16:15
Arrive Port Askaig - 18:20

Depart Port Ellen- 16:30 (previously 16:45 from Port Askaig)
Arrive Kennacraig - 18:50

Depart Kennacraig - 19:35
Arrive Port Ellen - 21:55

Depart Port Askaig - 19:05
Arrive Kennacraig - 21:10

Tuesday 16th April – Friday 10th May

During MV Finlaggan’s annual overhaul a two vessel service will operate with MV Lord of the Isles and MV Hebridean Isles. Please see timetable here

Wednesday’s & Saturday’s 17th, 20th, 24th 27th April & 1st, 4th, 8th May

During MV Finlaggan’s annual overhaul, there will be no connections to between Islay and Colonsay. An amended timetable will operate between Oban and Colonsay.

All bookings affected will be contacted by us in due course.

We are currently updating our reservation system to reflect these changes, whilst we do so some sailings may be unavailable 

Reason: weather conditions

Last Updated: 13 Apr 2024 19:20

Supplementary information

MV Hebridean Isles – Reduced Catering
Monday 15th April – Sunday 12th May

Due to reduced crew availability, we will only be able to offer teas, coffees and light snacks on sailings operated by MV Hebridean Isles with the exception of the following sailings:

Mondays Departing Kennacraig at 1530 - Soup, teas, coffee filled baguettes and light snacks
Tuesdays Departing Port Askaig at 1525 - Soup, teas Coffee filled baguettes and light snacks
Wednesdays Departing Kennacraig 1005 - Hot filled Rolls, teas, coffee, filled baguettes and light snacks
Thursdays Departing Port Askaig at 1610 - Soup, filled baguettes, teas, coffee and light snacks
Fridays Departing Kennacraig 1005 - Hot filled Rolls, teas, coffee and light snacks
Saturdays Departing Port Askaig at 1120 - Soup, baguettes, teas, coffees and light snacks
Sundays Departing Kennacraig at 1300 & Departing Port Askaig at 1550 – Soup, baguettes, teas, coffee and light snacks

Until 16th October

Please be advised that due to crew hours of rest, there will be no hot food served on the 21:05 sailing from Port Askaig to Kennacraig on Wednesday's during the summer.
Teas, coffees and light snacks will be available.

24th May - 3rd June

We will be running additional sailings for visitors travelling to and from Islay's Fèis Ìle in May and June 2024, following consultation with local communities, and other routes will be temporarily impacted as a result. If you have a booking in place that is affected, we do apologise for this, and our port team will be in touch with you in date order to provide further information and support.

Amended timetables will operate on the following routes and all details can found here.

Bus Connections

Customers using the connecting bus service to Kennacraig are advised to make themselves known to the bus driver to allow them to inform the Port Office of expected passenger numbers.

Kennacraig Car Park

Please note, spaces are limited in the car park at Kennacraig.
Our new booking and ticketing platform is live across our system. We've shared all the information you need to know on our website. As always, our teams are available to support you as you get used to the new format. Read more.

Turn Up and Go and Bookable route online purchases. If you have purchased tickets online as a group or for any number of travel companions, for use on any of our Turn Up and Go or Bookable routes, the full party must travel on the same sailing. This applies to both legs of your journey. If you are unsure if all members of your group are travelling together, please complete separate transactions online.

Pedal Cyclists - Please note when travelling as a pedal cyclist in the event of a diversion disruption, transport between Port Ellen and Port Askaig cannot be guaranteed due to limited transport availability. Our staff will do all they can to support this. However, due to the volume of traffic at busier periods a transfer between ports may not be possible.

Connecting Services - For customers using connecting services please note these services do not always guarantee a connection, particularly during times of disruption. We advise that you check both CalMac and connecting service websites prior to travel to ensure you can reach your end destination safely.

Stay Safe - When travelling with us, we strongly recommend our customers follow our safer travel guidance. Before travel, take a moment to familiarise yourself with the details.
Payment Information - Contactless payment is quick and easy. If you're travelling with us, please do so using a contactless payment method. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Apple, Google or Samsung Pay. If you need assistance, please speak with a member of staff. 

Last Updated: 13 Apr 2024 19:20

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