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Mallaig (MAL) - Small Isles (SIS)

One or more sailings are disrupted

Service updates

Monday 26th October

Weather permitting the following passenger only timetable will operate due to MV Lochnevis being off service due to a technical issue.

Depart Mallaig 1330
Arrive Eigg 1430

Depart Eigg 1450
Arrive Muck 1515

Depart Muck 1530
Arrive Eigg 1555

Depart Eigg 1605
Arrive Mallaig 1705

There will be no call to Rum today.

Tuesday 27th October 

Due to an ongoing technical issue with MV Lochnevis, the following passenger only timetable operated by Arisaig Marine will be as follows:

Depart Arisaig 1030, 

Arrive Rum 1200, 

Depart Rum 1210, 

Arrive Canna 1310,

 Depart Canna 1320 

Arrive Arisaig 1545.

Reason: weather conditions

Supplementary information

Last Updated: 26 Oct 2020 15:57

Booked accommodation

Please confirm you have an agreed booked accommodation at your destination to travel to the islands.

Only on a Sunday are you permitted to travel to Canna for a day trip. All passengers must be pre-booked. 

Payment Information -

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, we are not accepting cash payment for ticket transactions. We accept MasterCard, Visa, Apple, Google or Samsung Pay. If you need assistance, please speak with a member of staff.

- Plan ahead and book your ticket before travel via our Mallaig Port on 01687 310 240 - This includes foot passenger tickets. Vehicles must be in possession of the relevant island permit prior to travel.

- Please follow updated advice on how to travel safely.

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