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What if I don't have access to the Small Isles Freight Form?

If you are not able to access the Small Isles Freight Form, please contact the Small Isles freight team to notify them of this and send in your freight notification on or call  01475 650 164 with the following details: 

  • The island the freight is being delivered/collected 

  • Name of person making freight request 

  • Freight category - refer to freight list

  • Freight item - refer to freight list

  • Item quantity  

  • Item dimensions 

  • Item weight 

  • Supplier name, if known

  • Courier name, if known 

  • Estimated expected delivery date 

  • Any other additional details about freight item.  

Please be aware - this process is for transporting freight to the Small Isles only. Should you need to speak to us about freight or commercial vehicles for another destination, please contact the relevant port of departure. Contact details can be found on our timetable pages

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