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Community Board and Investment


CalMac wish to support a wide range of events and organisations supporting local communities, islands and main land port towns where we operate.

We offer raffle or competition prizes in the form of CalMac vouchers that can be redeemed; when purchasing tickets, on-board our ferries in our retail shops and in our Mariners cafeteria and coffee cabins.

We receive a large number of requests and our responsibility and commitment to ensure appropriate use of public funding, we are unable to help with all requests.


  • We support nonprofit events and organisations benefitting people living in islands and main land port towns where we operate.

  • We do not provide cash donations.

  • We do not support for profit events and activities.

  • We do not support applications submitted less than four weeks in advance of the event occurring.

  • We do not support organisations or individuals twice in one calendar year.

All requests for raffle or competition prizes should be submitted using the form below. Every request is thoroughly and carefully evaluated. 


Prize & Competition Request Form

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