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Do I need to print out tickets at home or pick up tickets at the port for travel?

No. If you have booked your ticket online, you'll automatically receive an eTicket direct to your inbox. This will be scannable from your device, so you no longer need to print your ticket prior to travel. However, if you still wish to print out your eTicket, you can. You can also still purchase your tickets from our port offices, where relevant, if you wish to. 

If travelling in a group, and you've booked online for our Turn up and Go routes, all passengers will need to travel together on the same sailing.  

If you've previously made a booking and can't find your eTicket, our teams will be able to assist at the point of travel - please provide them with the email address you booked with.  

If you 've not been able to log into your online account, we've shared the latest information on how to resolve this issue.


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