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Information on our booking and ticketing system

Updates to our booking and ticketing system

An update on changes to our booking and ticketing system  

Updated: Monday 16 October 2023

Following the implementation of the new booking and ticketing system earlier this summer, we've been working on making further enhancements to improve the experience for our customers.  

As this work continues, we'll keep our customers updated on the changes and improvements that have been made.  

We've shared details below on the latest improvements from the last essential maintenance period, which was carried out on 12 October 2023. These are in addition to updates carried out to the back end of the system and changes made to support front line colleagues too.

As we continue to make changes and improvements to adjust and enhance the system, we'll make sure we keep you informed here via our website. We'll also share this with local community groups and our community board.  

Thursday 12 October 

Improvements to on screen messaging  

Customers will now experience a better process when activating their accounts. This latest round of enhancements has allowed us to add more prompts on screen to guide you.  

Booking bike racks and towing products 

The process for adding a bike rack, caravan or selecting a car towing product to your booking has also changed. To help avoid confusion, these can now only be selected after a vehicle has been added to your reservation.   

Pet ticket inaccuracies  

An issue where additional pet bookings were inaccurately added to customer bookings has been resolved. For example, when a customer adds two pets to their booking, the booking will reflect two pets only and not four (as previously experienced). 

Error messaging  

Error messages relating to the validity of telephone prefixes on some customer accounts have been resolved. This means that those customers with accounts which encountered this message will be able to complete bookings uninterrupted. 

Monday 18 September  

Clone bookings / Block bookings 

The latest update to the system will mean that commercial customers will have their block bookings, now referred to within the new system as 'clone bookings', confirmed via our port teams, with full details displayed in Microsoft Excel documents. 

Monday 11 September

Modified bookings not scanning 

Where customers have a booking for a bookable route, and they wish to travel on an earlier sailing - it's now possible for us to scan tickets for customers to move them to an earlier sailing, where there is availability. The customer's booking, their account and record of the booking will be automatically updated as a result.  

Gourock-Kilcreggan 10 journey ticketing

Customers can now purchase 10 journey tickets for this route online, or through our Customer Engagement Centre and on board the vessel.  

'My account' access

A time zone issue, where some users were not able to log into their account for a period at midnight GMT has now been resolved, meaning customers can always have access to their online account. 

Vehicle registrations and look up

The system has been updated to accept spaces in the vehicle registration field during the booking process, meaning both formats with and without a space will activate the vehicle registration look up process to auto populate your vehicle details.  

Duplicate vehicles showing in customer accounts 

The issue which had previously caused some customers to see two or more versions of the same vehicle appear in their account has now been resolved.  

Online booking process changes  

The following changes to the online booking process have been put in place to improve customers' experience: 

  • When a user is using dark mode on their device, any white backgrounds will have contrasting coloured text instead of white text.  

  • We have added a password reveal icon which is now visible when inputting your password.  

  • You will also be able to add certain special characters as '_' and '!' into your password when registering for an account. This will resolve the issue we had when the register button did not allow customers to progress with registering for an account when using special characters within your password.  

Friday 11 August 

Failed bookings notification 

The system has been updated to show a pop-up message, which gives clearer guidance on what to do if your booking fails due to a timeout when there's been no interaction with the booking page. Should this occur, you'll be prompted to seek support from our Customer Engagement Centre.  

Livestock trailer products 

We have improved the system to make it easier to book both high and low livestock trailers when full or empty.   

Credit account customer invoicing  

We've also updated the system to fix booking holder details as well as VAT calculation and invoice calculations for customers with credit accounts.  


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